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MOH Formulary - Updated December 2011





Ministry of Health Drug Formulary consist of drugs approved for use in all hospitals/Institutions in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The Formulary is to promote rational, cost-effective use of drugs whereby newer and effective drugs were introduced in a controlled manner so as to minimize wastages and funds set aside for the purchase of drugs are optimally used.

Drugs in this formulary are classified according to WHO ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical) classification system and coded with Malaysian Drug Code (MDC) for identification. MDC is made up of ATC code(7 digit), base/salt code (3 digit) , dosage form code (3 digit), concentration code (2 digit) and brand code (2 digit) which is currently designated as XX in this formulary.

The drugs in the formulary are listed according to generic names .The brand name is given only as an example.

Category Of Prescribers

The category of prescriber authorized to initiate the prescription for the drug is listed below. Dental Consultant ,Dental specialist and Dental Officers are also included in this category but for the drugs used in dental treatment only.

A* - Consultant/Specialists for specific Indications only
A - Consultant/Specialists
A/KK - Consultant/Specialists/Family Physician Specialists
B - Medical Officers
C - Paramedical staff
C+ - Paramedical Staff doing midwifery
* MoH Drug Formulary

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